life comes at you fast…

March 27, 2008

Yeah, I do realize I  missed a week…but it was spring break… and I was too busy feeding my face and enjoying the vacation!
I can’t wait until summer!
 I was excited to hear from many of you! It sounds like all is well! It seems as though the general consensus is …’Life comes at
you FAST’!!!!! So TRUE!
This last two weeks has been full of FUN, FALLS, FEAR, and FAMILY!!!!!
I’ll start with FUN…
Baseball season started- Johnathan is in coach pitch.(Padres) Harrison is in T-ball (Cubs) Lets hope noone gets kicked
out of the little league games this year! Hmmmmmmm!We are all about the trophies and the treats!
Madeline went to ‘achievement days’. They are putting together a fashion show using each others ‘hand-me-downs’. Should be
interesting to see what they each come up with.
The kids all got to make Pinewood derby cars.(Thanks to help from Uncle Brad, Gma Las Vegas, and Dad)
We all attended a raging 5th grade Hollywood birthday bash for cousin Anna’s 11th birthday. Uncle Brad was the bartender.(He
mixes some super-fabulous shirley temples.) Cousin Brandon showed us all how to get our groove on!
I got to sleep in a few days during Spring break! SWEEEEEEET!
Brian got to M.C. the biggest scouting event of the year… The pinewood derby! He did a fantastic job! We were warned that
it sometimes can get out of control, but no worries this year. Whew! (I did have my boxing gloves out in the car, just in case).
next come the FALLS…
Harrison managed to fall and break his arm a few days before we were to leave on vacation. ( This means at the age of 6, he
 has broken a bone or two on every appendage! Amazing!) Some say we have got some ‘gravity issues’. Ha! Ha!
Johnathan was freaked out about falling off the ski lift when we went snowboarding in Park City, Utah. It was his first time, so
once he got the hang of it,he had a great time!
Madeline had fun and did quite well for her first time snowboarding! We watched her ‘Fall’ out of line while engaging in snowball
fights on the hill with boys in her class.
Brian hardly fell at all! He was ‘one with his board’. All that skateboarding back in the day paid off! He was doing ‘C’ and ‘S’ turns
in no time! What a natural! He even liked boarding better than skiing!
I have bruises to prove that I fell many times! In fact when the first half of the boarding lesson was over, I had decided I wasn’t
going back for the 2nd half! Game over! After a slice of pizza in the lodge I gave it another shot. Hallelujah… it finally clicked!
I was snowboarding! (Thank goodness for pizza and pep talks!)The best advice is…wear a helmet!!!! We will definitely be snow-
boarding again soon!
then the FEARS…
 On the drive from Las Vegas to Park City we saw four accidents. Two rollovers! Yikes! We had to drive in a mild snowstorm.(A
bit unusual for an Arizona crew). I was anxious!We said a few prayers and all was well!
We also feared we might run out of gas!!!! We thought we’d just cruise over the Hoover dam, and get gas in Boulder City…
NOT SO! The traffic was backed up at the dam, so we coasted down the hills, barely made it up a few! Never a dull moment!
(This is why we fly…we obviously can’t make the long distance drive thing work! Ha! Ha!)H-E-L-L-O!
Fear does not exist with Harrison! I picked him up from ski school,( he was too young to snowboard) his teacher said he was
jumping cones and skiing backwards! She told him he would be a good stuntman! NICE… just what that kid needs to hear!
Johnathan read ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ on the drive up. (Silly book) He was fearful he wouldn’t have the sequal to read for the
drive home. Heaven sakes! 
Madeline was fearful that she may not find any ‘treasures’ at the Las Vegas Savers store. ( It is a tradition to stop by when
we are in town) You never know what you will find… it is VEGAS!!! Never fear… she did not come back empty handed!
Most importantly… FAMILY…
Hip- Hip -Hooray to Bridget who put together a fun Banfield family vacation in beautiful Park City! Skiing, snowboarding, sledding,
hot cocoa,crazy karaoke,movies,games,shopping, Olympic park…Good Times! (lots of planning on her part) Unforgettable!
The Trujillo clan came to visit on Sunday. We played a rousing game of ‘Boxers and Briefs’. What a kick in the pants!It was great
see them. Thanks for making the effort, and the tasty treats. Love those sugar cookies Tina A.
Evans family gathering in Las Vegas for Aunt Millie’s 80th bithday celebration and Easter egg Extravaganza! Lots of folks,
food, and fun. We watched family slides,fixed a few ‘honey-do’s'( and removed the orange post-its) 🙂 What fun!
 I developed and framed some family photos… so finally I will hang them up…. REALLY?????
Missed being at Mission to Mexico and spending time with the Oregon /Mexico family! Hopefully we will see you this summer! I am
sure your experience was absolutely amazing! We can’t wait to hear about it!
We love you all, and are grateful for each of your presence in our lives! Hope to hear from ya’ll! 🙂


humor me!

March 27, 2008

So, after much deliberation, I have decided I am going to keep a weekly family journal to help us connect and reconnect with some of you. For those of you that see us and have to deal with us on a regular basis…just humor me! (spam me):) There are so many times I get caught up in whatever it is I do … that I just don’t take enough time to check in with everyone. We love hearing from everyone, so email me when you get a second.
Okay I will catch you up to speed with the Evans crew…
2008 so far… in a nutshell….

Brian wins big money ($175) on the superbowl. Go Giants!
Superbowl party at Brian(my brother) and Melissa’s house.”Banfieldfest” (Great hosts!)
Choncho -our 5 month old golden retriever is given to the golden rescue foundation. He had severe hip dysplasia and would wimper when he would walk. So sad. We had insurance for him, but it didn’t cover it. It would take two aggressive surgeries, $10,000 and no guarantees. After being an emotional wreck for a month, I found the foundation. Through them we found a lady who was willing to be his nurse. The foundation pays for his surgeries, and he will become a dog that visits childrens’ hospitals and gets to help them learn about surgery.(of course he will be LOVED by all the children). We were all heartbroken, but knew that this would give him the best quality of life.We still miss him. I did just find out that he is happy and has a cute little wheelchair. What a cute critter he is!
 The day the foundation came to get Choncho, Madeline excused herself from class, got Johnathan and Harrison out of their classrooms, they all left school unannounced and walk home in the middle of the day! Yikes! Totally under the radar. It could NEVER happen again, because so many things had to line up “just right”. She said she “had to see Choncho one more time”. EMOTIONAL OVERDRIVE! Had to talk to the principal the next day…. AAAARGHHHH!
Visited San Diego for Buick Open (golf tournament). Brad (Brian’s brother) went with us. Saw Travis (Brian’s brother) Cindy, Laura, Kathryn , Vanessa,  little holly (their new puppy)Grandma and Grandpa Evans.(We really call them Gma and Gpa Las Vegas and “The California girls”.) We visited, had great snacks,water polo tournament, and beautiful weather. Good times!
Madeline’s has gymnastics twice a week. Perfected the backhandspring! Yeah!
Madeline goes to dance once a week with her friend Cami, and other gals in the neighborhood.
 Harrison has more wiggly teeth. It’s a wonder he has any teeth left to lose! BIG MONEY from the tooth fairy!($1)
Johnathan is now in cub scouts and loves it! He received his wolf badge and had to drink “wolfs blood” for initiation.Yuck!
Brian accepted a position as assistant cub master. What an undertaking! He is great at leading the chaos! His friend Dave is the Cub master… together they are a “kick in the pants”. (Or do they need a kick in the pants???)  Both! 🙂
The boys go to strenth training and speed development classes twice a week. They love it!
I actually did go to work… yes you heard that right …I went to WORK! (I even enjoyed it!!!)
It truly is a great job.Who says slinging peanuts can’t be fun!? Southwest is a great company.14 years! Wow!
We went to Prescott to visit Kenyon(my brother) and Karyn. We had a blast! We saw his new dental office. VERY NICE! We hiked around a bit at two lakes, saw antique homes, and ate delicious waffles with Hawaiian coconut syrup. MMMMM We also got to visit with Ellen and Sophie. (Karyn’s family). We went to a SunDogs game.(ice hockey) We sat right behind the goal. Front row! (Kenyon is the team dentist)The kids were a little shocked at first that one of the players would intentionally slam their opponent up against the side and take a swing or two at them. You can’t help but scream and yell!! …. AHHHHHH! The kids were thrilled, and wore their jerseys to school the next day! GO SUNDOGS!
Valentines day – we decorated the house while the kids were asleep. They were so excited when they woke up! Harrison said “this is just like Christmas!” They each had a menu to custom order their breakfast! We delivered special Valentine grams to school for the kids. What fun playing cupid!
I help out in the kids classrooms once a week. It is great getting to know their peers.Right now they are excited that I come in… we will see how long that lasts. Ha! Ha!
Brian and I committed to running a marathon in May. (SHOCKER… I know!)”Lethal body” is what we are going for! HA! Ha! No more laughing! Seriously…we are doing it! May 17th… Ogden, Utah.
Johnathan got baptized on February 2nd. It was a special day. Lots of friends and family came to show their love for Johnathan. Of course we had Mexican food to help us celebrate the big event. Thanks to all who participated! You are AWESOME and we love you!
Madeline takes guitar… she loves her teacher. He’s a cool cat! He wears a Led Zepplin belt, and AC/DC shirt! He helps her rock out! (She is a mix of Sheryl Crow meets Avril Lavigne / Gwen Stefani.)
We have been to many fun parties lately… birthdays, valentines, church, dinner with friends, crashing dinner parties!.(YUMMY Thai food).. etc. PARTY ON!
We are fortunate to have met many wonderful people who we enjoy spending time with.What is life without Family and Friends?!
The weeds on our property got so high at one point( from the rain, and lack of a lawnmower) that they were as high as my waist! The kids would lie down in the weeds, with their nerf guns and pretend they were snipers! What a kick! They did get real scared once when their was rustling in the weeds. They along with their friends thought “it might be a bear”. They came running in to get me… so armed with my spatula and apron(that Aunt Roslyn made) I attempted to do battle. I was really making cookies. (Do I sound like Betty Crocker or what? )Turns out it was only a baby bunny. So cute! We had our weeds mowed down and now its like a football field. FUN!
We also got a dog(little weiner dog). We named him Ryder. Short for “low ryder”. He somehow got parvo.  We had him for 10 days, and did everything we could to help him stay on this earth.  ( two a day visits to the vet…etc.)He was only 12 weeks old and his little body couldn’t fight any longer.
Needless to say we can’t take anymore heartache. We won’t be getting any critters for a long time! So tragic.
Last weekend we had some friends  (the Kaup family)over for dinner, great family. We even played Disney “Scene -it”. Some adults couldn’t help but shout out the answers! 🙂 So much for it being a kids game!  I bet that person eats the baby’s candy too!
I have attended many “Hen parties” ( lunch with the gals, running with friends,Bunko and having fun!) I really have a great group of friends,sisters and sister in laws… I am so fortunate!LUCKY ME! 🙂
Brian works alot lately, but still finds time to go to the gym to “Hammer things out”.
This week we are leaving to Park City, Utah. It is Spring Break, and we are going to go snowboarding! We have never done it, so we shall see how it goes! If nothing else, it is a good excuse to have a fire, and drink hot cocoa.  My whole family is staying at this cabin. It will be a great event!
 Last night Brian and the kids went on a bike ride. It is perfect weather, and the sunsets are beautiful.
I made strawberry jam…who knew???
The kids had a school carnival this last weekend. They loved the independence of going to the booths with their friends, eating cotton candy,and once in awhile helping mom and dad run “The Duck Pond”.
Unfortunately their mean mom said NO to the fish that Johnathan won. Come on … the only bowl that fish would have been in was the toilet bowl! 
So, I turned the big 35. Even though that is NOT old… whatever “old” is, it made my day when Lexi ( my friend Tami’s 12 year old daughter) said I was “hip”! WOW! What a sweet thing to tell a gal! Right back at you Lexi-Loo! 🙂
Hope this catches everyone somewhat up to speed on our program. Hope I haven’t rattled on and on.  I intend to do this on a weekly basis, so next time it won’t be sooooooo long! I was making up for a few months of not fulfilling a 2008 goal! Whew!
We love you all and hope to hear from you and your clans soon.
 Lets stay connected!!!!
The Evans Crew
Brian, Allison,Madeline, Johnathan and Harrison